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Once a thriving town, Keeler now sits empty

By Devin R. Heroux

You can still send mail to Keeler, Sask. but there may not be anyone there to pick it up. Red faded letters can barely be made out.
            Keeler, Saskatchewan
            Post Office
            S0H 2E0

 The resemblance of a village sits still, almost frozen in time... Read More

By Noah Wernikowski

The old Mortlach train station sits in a cluttered, overgrown yard. Some windows are broken while stacks of Zonolite Ceiling Insulation block the view from another. Ornate arch beams support the roof’s overhang. Christmas decorations and chairs...Read More

A window into the fall of men's softball

By Tory Gillis

Their proud image is slowly being wiped from the prairie landscape. Each rural Saskatchewan settlement once boasted at least one, but years of neglect and decline are quickly changing them into artifacts of the past. 

 It is no secret that men’s softball teams are slowly slipping away...Read More

By Taylor Shire 

“I looked up and I just got cold.”

“Oh my gosh. I was scared.”

When Candis Kirkpatrick moved into an old farmhouse outside of Mortlach, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Kirkpatrick and her husband moved...Read More

 By Lisa Goudy

Sandy lands stretched across the horizon in Mortlach, Sask. Farmers worked the land with little money and equipment. With the drought in the 1920s and the depression in the 1930s, many people moved into the village to live out the rest of their lives. But the great winds stirred up the earth, removing the top soil and exposing many artifacts from original cultures, including arrowheads. People began to collect them...Read More

By Jamie Fischer

Located just off Rose Street, the Mortlach Museum has been helping its community piece together their history since 1979.
“It’s like a giant puzzle,” Joan Searle said. As curator of the Mortlach Museum, Searle is no stranger to putting together the pieces of history...Read More 

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The staff of the 163 would like to thank the community of Mortlach and surrounding area.
 Josee St-Onge photo